Charsur Arts Foundation



A foundation created to support, promote and propagate Carnatic music throughout the world. The system is an outcome of work in appreciation of the efforts that has gone into maintaining the ancient art form - CARNATIC MUSIC. This will be a unique opportunity for all involved in the promotion of carnatic music. We request you join hands with us for the future to work together in preserving and promoting Carnatic Music.


The foundation has been promoting young talent from time to time by providing them a platform to perform every month. The foundation plans to make payments to artistes who are unable to earn their livelihood but have contributed a lot to Carnatic music. It will promote teaching of this art form by eminent scholars and teachers. 

Charsur Arts Foundation is a registered Non-profit, charitable trust in India.

Charsur Arts Foundation USA INC is a registered Non-Profit Organization in New Jersey to promote Indian Classical Fine Arts in North America.